Brigadier General Charles Young family

Brigadier General Charles Young

Teacher, Officer, Cartographer, Conservator, Diplomat
Husband, Father, Patriot, Hero


Recent News and Events related to Charles Young’s’ Life

A new documentary film, Buffalo Soldiers: Fighting on Two Fronts, by filmmaker Dru Holley, explores the often-contradictory role played by the Buffalo Soldiers throughout American History, with particular emphasis on the settling of the American west.

Now available on PBS.

Public television in Kentucky discusses Charles Young’s life and legacy. Kentucky Public Television explores how Charles Young from Mays Lick, Kentucky, overcame barriers to his success and receives overdue recognition a century after his death.

Charles Young Posthumously Promoted to Brigadier General on October 06, 2021 by the Secretary of the Army.

Undersecretary of the Army, Gabe Camarillo, hosted the celebration of the promotion saying,

“Charles Young was a Soldier, an intellectual, a civil rights pioneer, and a man who loved his family deeply,” said Camarillo. “When I think of Charles Young, the word ‘triumph’ comes to mind. He faced unjust and harrowing circumstances that tested him time and again, but he triumphed.”

A celebration of Charles Young’s promotion was held at the U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint on April 29, 2022. Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth, approved the honorary promotion and congratulated the Young family on his trailblazing career, which was marked by his leadership, dedication to duty, and steadfast determination.

Members of the Young family with the Undersecretary of the Army, April 29, 2022.

~Watch the entire promotion ceremony at Westpoint here.
~CNN’s Coverage of Brigadier General Charles Young’s promotion can be found here.
~CBS News coverage Honoring a Trail blazer can be found here.

Charles Young’s Family Home is Designated a National Park.

youngsholm 1910

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument, encompassing Young’s home and adjoining farmland, was established by Presidential Proclamation 8945 on March 25th, 2013. The national monument became the 401st unit of the National Park System. Learn more about this National Park and Ohio National Monument and its history.

The Buffalo Soldiers and Charles Young

Learn more about the all African-American troops known as the Buffalo Soldiers and their remarkable contribution to American history here.

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Wilberforce, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Quinn Evans Architects

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Imagine a life so well-lived, full of courage, compassion and intelligence, inspirational in his time and beyond; a life to be studied and emulated.  Learn about the life of Charles Young …