Brigadier General Charles Young family

Brigadier General Charles Young

Teacher, Officer, Cartographer, Conservator, Diplomat
Husband, Father, Patriot, Hero


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 ** Read About Col. Charles Young Posthumous Promotion to Brigadier General at West Point **

** Read CNN Coverage of Posthumous Promotion of Charles Young Held at the United States Military Academy **

 ** Watch CBS Mornings clip – Honoring a Trailblazer **

 Charles Young Buffalo Soldier’s National Monument

Buffalo Soldiers – Eighty-five Years of Courage, Valor & Heroism

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young's hole_sunset-by-quinn-evans-architects

Wilberforce, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Quinn Evans Architects

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Imagine a life so well-lived, full of courage, compassion and intelligence, inspirational in his time and beyond; a life to be studied and emulated.  Learn about the life of Charles Young …