The purpose of this foundation is to promote and foster leadership skills in young people based on the legacy of Brigadier General Charles Young.

In 2013, President Barack Obama established, through executive order, the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument at Youngsholm, the home of Brigadier General Young. It is the desire of the foundation to work with the National Park Service management and staff to support the growth of this monument, which owns the home and the Young estate. The home is undergoing much-needed restoration, after which it will again be open to the general public.


For more information, please email Foundation Chair, Renotta Young.

What we do.

The foundation’s goal is to inspire people to act and serve with the courage, hard work and dedication that Charles Young exemplified, providing the tools and opportunities for further positive pursuits and to leave behind a legacy of freedom.

Resource Outreach

Resource Outreach

Providing a website that is a gateway for visitors, scholars, students and organizations to learn more about the life of Charles Young. Our site will offer links to other relevant resources, both public and private.



Hosting youth development programs to promote and foster leadership skills in young people based on the legacy of Charles Young.



Providing educational opportunities for motivated high school students for programs on civic engagement taught by local colleges and universities to engage them in local civic activities and motivate them to take part in civic participation and make a difference in their community.



Providing support for the National Park Service in preserving this important collection of Charles Young’s objects, household artifacts, and materials commemorating his life and legacy, as well as important items related to his life and work. In addition, the foundation will be responsible for the ongoing care and long-term preservation of a historic building – the home of Brigadier Charles Young.


 Our goal is to continue to provide programs and support events, both in Wilberforce and around the country, to further the scholarship, available archival resources and ongoing legacy of Charles Young.

 Renotta Young – Chair

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Joanne Berdebes

Jeffrey Kanige

Beth Keegan

Rhavié Kelly

Dale Mazzei

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Ruth Simmons

Lawrence Young

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